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Customer Testimonial #1

"Our family has employed WY Yards and Gardens for more than six years. I refer to them as my “green team”. They are talented hard working people who have helped make our garden much more fun for me. They have provided excellent suggestions with plant ideas and have helped to address any problems which have arisen. They are always upbeat and positive and we have found them able willing to successfully tackle a wide range of projects. We feel very fortunate to have such an outstanding group as our “team green”!!"

- Brenda and David Wilson

Customer Testimonal #2

"Jo Wyld and her crew started tending to our gardens in 2010 and our gardens have never looked so beautiful.  Jo has a great eye for colour and is great at combining plants with different textures.  I have never seen a group of gals work so hard.  If there is something needing attention, Jo will spot it; she is always ready and willing to tackle anything. 

I would recommend Jo and her crew to anyone."

- Linda Bodine

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